Name: Alexandr Szeiner

Position: CEO, Co-owner

Age: 32

Interests: Game creation, Cybernetics, Artifical intelligence.


Author of the original idea of ​​Legends of Azulgar, starting as a player and fan of Outer Space, and then its owner. He originally intended to develop the idea of ​​Outer Space to do Outer Space 2. After a while, a few friends joined him and the idea of ​​Legends of Azulgar was born. Work began on two dimensional version of the game, where they learned and tried new things. After a while they decided to move to the next level and they added one more dimension to Legends of Azulgar. But there was a need for resources and someone with experience in the gaming industry. So he was looking for support until he found Tomáš Pšenička, who was very interested in this idea and joined a team.

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